100 Books Challenge

I read a lot.

I read in the bath, and in the shower, whilst on the toilet, whilst cooking dinner, whilst sitting in the car, whilst sitting in bed, whilst on the PC, whilst I am at work, whilst I am hoovering, whilst I am breastfeeding, whilst sitting in the garden and once whilst I was donating blood.

It makes me wonder why I have never taken part in a reading challenge before.

This year though I am going to do something about it. This year I am taking part in a 100 Books Challenge.

So far this year I have read;

1) Honor Thyself by Danielle Steel

2) Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult

and I am now reading;
3) Last Christmas by Julia Williams

And that means that I am already two books behind schedule, as to read 100 in one year I will ned to read on average two a week!

Now the challenge does say that you can read anything that has an ISBN, which does mean that some of Top Enders and Baby Boys books, which take minutes to read, could be included to bring up my total... but I am not going to do that (well I say that now, but stop by on December 30th to see if I stick to that lol).

Well I am going off to read some more of my book, but why not join me in the challenge?