Favourite Photo Meme - 17th June 2000

I love Tara I do.

Ooh I sound like Helen from Big Brother 2001 "How much chicken is there in Chick Peas?" or "I like blinking I do" or one of my favourite quotes (which weren't actually by her but I heard on Radio 2's The Now Show) "Which end of a chicken to chick peas come from" .

Anyway back to Tara, because I love her (not like that) and she is funny and clever and instead of answering Meme's she comes up with her own! Like this one that she tagged me with yesterday...

Your Favourite Photo Meme

What is your favourite photograph. And why? Once you have posted pass it on to one other blogger and ask them to do the same.

I have sat here and have gone through almost every photo I have. I wanted to do one of Top Ender and Baby Boy, but my favourites of them aren't of them together and you are only allowed one photo. I did think about cheating and making a collage of photos from all my favourite photos, but I thought that would be classed as cheating too.

And then I remembered.

The year before Daddy and I got married we went to the first Gatecrasher Summer Sound System as members of the press...

I got to meet and interview Judge Jules and Matt Hardwick and Scott Bond. Paul Van Dyk gave Daddy a dirty look in the VIP bar (I like to think it was because I was with Daddy and not with him). I got to rub shoulders with Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold and Ferry Corsten and all from the comfort of the VIP compound where I was being plied with free food and drink.

It was gloriously hot and I was glad not to be a Gatecrasher kid with all the fake fur boots and cuffs (The following year knee deep in mud I regretted that I wasn't as I could of done with the extra protection) or the outlandish costumes that some of them were wearing (I saw Zena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle you know!) and it seemed that everyone sat down together to watch the England V. Germany football game. The loudest cheer went up when Alan Shearer scored the winning goal for England in the 53rd minute and even me who has no clue about football still remembers the details of the match.

We took this photo of us on timer and for the past ten years this photo has been on my desk at what ever company I have been at.

I don't notice any of my flaws in this picture all I see is a young and happy very-much-in-love engaged couple. It reminds me of carefree happy sunshine filled days, where all I had to do was interview celebs and listen to dance music whilst soaking up the sun and enjoying the company of my lovely fiancé oh and my hair looked good.

Now I pass this on to... Emma at Not Such a Yummy Mummy