Baby Boy Giggles - Tiptoe

To say that Baby Boy is a Mummy's boy would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong he adores his sister and his Daddy and Baby Boy often tells me that he would rather live with his Granny if I have told him off, but he is still a Mummy's Boy. Every morning (apart from Sundays) Baby Boy and I are the first downstairs and so he knows now that if it is night time it is Daddy that helps him (you know the sort of thing gives him his cup back, sorts out the bugs in his bed) and if it is morning time Mummy helps him.

Baby Boy in Bed

The other morning Baby Boy came into our bedroom at 5:30am. Daddy and I were understandably asleep and Baby Boy went to Daddy to talk to him about what it was that was troubling him. It seems that Baby Boy only actually wanted to go to Daddy to tell him that it was time to get up and that I would be taking him downstairs. Daddy thought that taking Baby Boy back to bed would be a better ending to this little visit and so took Baby Boy back to his bed.

Baby Boy stayed in his bed long enough for Daddy to get back into bed before he tiptoed into the room and round to my side of the bed (by tiptoe I mean stamped less heavily than normal) and climbed into the bed with me (as he wanted a hug as he was sad as Daddy had made him go back to bed).

"Mummy! I tiptoed past Daddy and came round to your side!" he said excitedly at this point Daddy lifted his head and looked over my shoulder at Baby Boy and they caught each others eye

"Nah nah ne nah nah!" teased Baby Boy to Daddy

I felt so proud...