I'm not going to eat that! - Baby Boy Giggles

The other evening Baby Boy and Top Ender were talking to me whilst I was preparing the evening meal, (well actually I was preparing to prepare the evening meal but that just makes the story longer doesn't it!) when Baby Boy just started crying.

"Noooo!" cried Baby Boy between sobs
"What's wrong Baby?" I asked
"Have you hurt yourself?" asked Top Ender
"No it's the worms!" cried Baby Boy still sobbing

We took the sobbing Baby Boy into the living room and sat together and started to calm him down. It took a few minutes for him to stop sobbing and to work out what it was that he was crying about. It turns out that the mince that we were having for dinner was thought to be worms.

Mince or Worm?

I can see what he means though!