She'll get the message - Baby Boy Giggles

Baby Boy was in bed and as I finished cutting Daddy's hair we could hear him calling for us. As Daddy needed to go and shower to get rid of the hair I went upstairs to find out what Baby Boy needed us for. When I got in there it turned out that not only did he need his drink refilling but he also needed some comfort from the presence of someone to go to sleep with. I climbed into his bed with him, just for a few minutes, so that he could realise I was there and that it was safe to go to sleep. After a few minutes my back was cold from being pushed up against the wall and seeing as Baby Boy's bed is quite small I needed to get out before the contortionist position I was in became permanent. I made an excuse that I needed to tell Daddy that I was in Baby Boy's room and made my leave.

A few minutes later Baby Boy was shouting out for me again, but Daddy went into see what was wrong.

"MUMMY!" shouted Baby Boy before realising that Daddy was there
"Sorry. It's me." said Daddy before continuing "Is there a message I can give her?" he asked
"Yes" said Baby Boy "Ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" the cogs were ticking in his mind

Daddy waited for a few seconds wondering what message Baby Boy could possibly give him to pass on to me.

"Actually" said Baby Boy "I'll just shout for her! MUMMY!"

A Cheeky Grin from Baby Boy