What is the Good Life?

The theme for the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival this week is The Good Life. It really got me to thinking because whilst the Good life is something that nearly everyone aspires to it means something different to everyone. The only common theme is that it is making sure that the life that you lead has more than enough room for the things that are fun, the things that mean the most to you. So why was I struggling to clarify what the Good Life meant to me and my family? I decided to break it down into sections.

The A Mothers Ramblings Family having Fun

We eat good food. I don't know if it is my star sign (Taurus just so you now) but I love food. Even Daddy has an appreciation of good food because of some of the new and different foods that I have introduced him to. We make what I call proper food, comfort food such as Shepherds Pie, Quiche, Casserole and of course we are always baking biscuits, cookies and cakes.

We spend time outdoors. We love going to the local (and not so local) parks, woods and just having Family Fun Days Out! Having so many places available to us to enjoy means that both Top Ender and Baby Boy have had some great science and nature lessons in a practical environment.

Top Ender and Baby Boy watching a river flow

We have a great friends. I know it sounds corny but my very best friend is my husband and I think that I am his. When you add in Top Ender, Baby Boy, my Sister, my Mum, Emma and Vic I think that I am spoilt with wonderful friends. And that isn't everybody either. There are more people that I could turn to if I needed to, more people who I care about and who care about me.

We have a great family and a great marriage. There are of course a few members of my family that I think very little of, there are a few members of my family whom I don't care for but the ones that aren't in these categories? Well I think they are pretty darn amazing. We have traditions, we have family fun, we have time together and I think that it helps us all to feel more grounded in our everyday lives.

We have great jobs. No, really for all the moaning that I do about working from home and for the other issues that have plagued me over the last year I have a pretty fantastic job, that I enjoy, I am good at and fits into my life. Even Daddy has a job which he enjoys and challenges him. I think that any job that doesn't challenge you would get very boring quickly!

We read and watch things that we enjoy. Entertainment means a lot to us, we have our Live Hub which means we can watch films, listen to music on our Central server and we can go out to see shows that catch our interest, we can listen to radio plays that we find amusing and one of us tends to have a book in hand at any given moment. We love to share our thoughts on the films we watch, the books we read and the music we listen to. It's another way of learning about each other.

Top Ender reading a book

We have faith. I have mentioned before that I am LDS and Daddy was brought up COE. Together we both have a mishmash of our faiths and traditions that we are giving to Top Ender and Baby Boy. We find that praying before we eat, praying before we set off on journeys, praying before we go to sleep is something which helps us. Then there is reading religious scriptures, spending time teaching the children about faith, about others faiths and letting them work out what it is that they believe.

All of these things together add up to us having a happy home. Sure we have down moments, there are times when things don't go right or there is too much month left at the end of the money there are people that hurt us accidentally and situations that we rather didn't happen but overall we have a happy home, a fun home. I guess that for me the Good Life is the one that I am already living.