How to be an Organised Mummy - Some of my Top Secret Tips

Just a few days ago Josie from Sleep is For the Weak suggested that I should share my perfectly organised Mummy ways with a wider audience and because I know that you are all eager to be as wonderfully prepared as I am, I couldn't keep my top secret tips to myself any longer. 

So I am going to share some of my top secret tips on the understanding that you tell me your tips in the comments below!

Funny Top Parent Tips on Twitter

Tip One will help you in the mornings.

So of course the first tip is going to sleep wearing the clothes you are going to wear the next day. This is great for early morning meetings, deliveries, school run's, early morning flights and just being generally amazing when you wake up in the morning.

Like me.

PippaD with Pajamas on her head

Tip Two is for parents of more than one child but will really save your voice.

This could work for those with one child and a husband, you just need to have the right control over them, be willing to remarry or if they are willing to adopt a moniker.

Name your children with similar sounding names, the first initial should ideally be the same also. This way you can just call one name and all of your children should appear before you along with your husband if you have worked it out right.

Tip Three is about to stop you from doing the dishes everyday. 

Use disposable paper plates, plastic glasses and cutlery for all meals. This way clean up is a breeze, you simply lift up the paper table cloth (that you placed on the table earlier) with all the used utensils and plates being bundled inside a sort of balloon of rubbish. Simply dispose of this bundle and the sink remains clean for yet another day.

Tip Four saves space and time.

Don't bother with a wardrobe. Remove all your clothes from your wardrobe and place them into a suitcase. This way if you go on holiday you are already packed. The bonus of this is that with no wardrobe your bedroom will automatically be bigger too!

Tip Five is to help you to not waste time seasonal decorating.

Celebrate all festivals, religious holidays and general holidays (no matter why invented or even if you believe) this way you don't need to take down your Christmas decorations you simply keep them up all year round for all the festivals, religions holidays and general holidays that you now celebrate.

Tip Six is a great time saving tip for our little darlings and for the laundry.

Just buy School Uniform, nightwear and two seasonal outfits (one winter, one summer). When they come home from school get them to dress straight away into their nightwear and in the morning of the weekend (or other time off school) into the correct seasonal outfit. This way there is less washing, less time spent changing clothes and also less time shopping for clothes.

Top Ender in her School Uniform

So those are my six of my top secret tips on how to be an organised Mummy. What are yours?