Making Chores Fun - Clean the Kitchen Floor

I have said time and time again that we are an ordinary household who just like to have fun with everything that we do. One of the things that is not fun that needs to be done is the household chores, things like cleaning, hoovering, dusting, mopping, doing the dishes but here at A Mothers Ramblings we try to make EVERYTHING fun and this includes the household chores like cleaning, hoovering, dusting, mopping and doing the dishes! The one chore that is the most fun for Top Ender and Baby Boy is cleaning my kitchen floor. It started off when Top Ender was small and I read something on Flylady we adapted it for us and thought we would share it with you. 

Whilst I sweep (and hoover the edges!) of the kitchen floor and move the Kitchen Island right into the corner of the Kitchen, Top Ender and Baby Boy get into swimming costumes and go and get two used towels from the bathroom and I quickly squirt some washing up liquid across the floor with and a throw a couple of glasses of water over the top whilst letting one of the towels soak in some warm water. When Top Ender and Baby Boy come in they grab the damp towel and give the floor a quick wipe over to make sure that all of the floor is wet.

 Cleaning the Kitchen Floor the Fun Way!

They then spend the next five or ten minutes skating, sliding, rolling, falling over, spinning in the Kitchen! Anything that you can do on ice or a water slide can be done on a wet kitchen floor. Even I have a little skate round with bare feet and my trousers rolled up. Then whilst Top Ender and Baby Boy wipe down and get changed I skate around the floor on the other towel (to dry the floor) and put the Kitchen Island back before throwing the towels and swimming clothes into the washing machine.

And there you have it how to make Cleaning the Kitchen Floor fun!