Making Chores Fun - Clean the Stairs

I got a few funny emails after I posted about Making Chores Fun - Clean the Kitchen Floor, mainly people asking if I really did do that, or if it was staged. I really do clean the Kitchen Floor by getting Top Ender and Baby Boy to skate up and down on it with a bit of Water, Washing Up Liquid and a towel... just not every week. Cleaning the stairs and making it a fun chore however is something that we do every week!

I love cleaning the stairs, always have and probably always will, because when I was younger I wasn't just cleaning the stairs I was climbing a mountain! And this is why Top Ender loves helping to clean the stairs now...

Top Ender Mountain Climbing Stair Cleaning

You will need to help your child the first time to understand that they are mountain climbing, explain the hard long climb that will wear them out and of course the vacuum is the oxygen mask, the pitons, crampons and everything else that climbers use... (Forgive me I don't know the correct technical terms!) Oh and just remember that it isn't just the children that can play this game whilst cleaning the stairs!