What to do after breakfast!

There is always a short period after breakfast where nobody really wants to move from the breakfast table, or when someone is loading the dishwasher or doing the breakfast dishes and the rest of the family need something to occupy them with. So what to do after breakfast? Well it doesn't matter if you have had a cooked breakfast or a cold breakfast there is always something to do with what is on the table!

Whilst we were enjoying our Christmas Break we had the time to have a cooked breakfast for a few more mornings than normal. One of our favourite breakfasts was Boiled egg (with Soldiers!) and this gave Daddy an idea to make some egg people on the emptied out egg shells! Top Ender and Baby Boy loved this craft time, not just because it was time with Daddy (although that was quite cool too I imagine) but because they were using materials that were available to them then and there, they didn't need to go off and find paper! One of the benefits of making these egg people was that after we had taken the photographs of the creations we just threw them away into the compost bin. The egg shell people will be fertilising some farmers field in no time at all!

Egg Shell People

Some of the other things that we made with the rubbish from our breakfasts were Cereal box houses. It was Daddy who first introduced these to Top Ender (several years ago) and they have made several little houses/cottages/blocks of flats/bungalows anything that they decide in fact! Daddy likes to open the sides of the box and just stick them back together inside out, but I am of the persuasion that paper wrapped round the box is just as good (although not as quick to make!).

Cereal Box Houses

Of course there is always time to be more creative with making faces or shapes with the food before you eat breakfast (which you can read about in Stop Playing with your Food) and it just takes a little creativity which I am pretty sure everyone has somewhere inside of them. Just in case you don't have any ideas though why not make a face,

Pancake Face

or a heart

Top Ender with a Heart Bullseye Egg

or animals,

Mashed Potato Fish

or a flag,

Sandwich Flag

or a butterfly,

Breakfast Butterfly

Or anything that you can think of! What after breakfast crafts can you think of? What food shapes could you make?