A Diabetic Easter

This Easter is our first Easter with Big Boy being a Type 1 Diabetic. For us of course, Easter is about the Resurrection and always has been, but there is also a large part about finding Chocolate Eggs and sharing a Roast Dinner with extended family and buttery toasted Hot Crossed Buns and other various Easter Sweet treats. If we want to keep Big Boy's blood sugars in what we consider a normal range then it suddenly starts to matter if we indulge a little more over Easter. Gone are the days of not having to give a second thought and now we live in the days of having to second guess everything.

So how can we make sure Big Boy is included and doesn't feel that Diabetes is stealing away the sweet treats that he is looking forward to?

We make new traditions.

We are going to decorate Easter Baskets. We have basic baskets that we use every year, but this year we're going to add flowers and garlands and bunny's and chicks and stamps and stickers and paper carrots and what ever else the children can come up with.

We're still going to go on our Easter Egg Hunt but instead of hiding lots of Easter Eggs around the garden (or house) this year we are putting loose change into the eggs, a few little toys and stickers and of course there will be a couple of sweet treats too (but not Diabetic Chocolate as it's full of fat and tastes horrid!). This way there is still a bit of the Chocolate that Big Boy and Top Ender are looking forward to (they really don't eat that much chocolate the rest of the year!) but there are other gifts that I think they will be much more excited about.

We are going to make Bonnets. Daddy and I did this on our first Easter together, but never with the children. It's great to be able to sit and create and cut and stick and colour and laugh together. It's just so fun and silly but great because it's time spent together.

We always decorate Eggs at Easter, Top Ender has won a few School competitions in her time, and this year we are going to make sure that our competition is judged the same way. Instead of Daddy and I judging the eggs we decorate were going to add the eggs pictures to our Facebook page and let our friends judge the winner for us!

Dora the Eggplorer

Big Boy is really in to arts and crafts, it's the table he makes a beeline for at School and this Easter we're going to capitalise on this and make Easter pictures together. I think that it's great when Daddy crafts with the children because they understand that colouring and sticking isn't just a Mummy thing, or a girl thing or a child thing but that it is an everyone thing.

We're going to bake Easter Biscuits and Hot Cross Buns together, we can reduce the amount of sugar and we can make sure we know how many carbs are in the baked goods so that we can make sure that we balance the burning of the carbs with going for a family walk and insulin intake. We're not stealing all the fun.

We're going to watch Hop and all the different Easter themed films we have here (we have a lot of Easter Cartoons that we've collected over the years), we're going to make sure that everyone gets to watch something they like.

We're going to make our Easter Wreath for our front door (actually more likely the bathroom door, but it's directly opposite the front door!), it'll be fun to have something seasonal to decorate our house with instead of just our window display. Our Easter Window display this year is still a work in progress... mainly because we haven't started it yet!

And lastly we'll keep our family tradition of the Family Dinner. We'll cook a huge roast, we'll have our family over, we'll sit and eat together, we'll talk about how grateful we are for each other, for the time we have together, the love we share.

We'll make these new traditions our own.

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