Half Term Lunches

One thing I love about half terms is that we don't have to worry about lunches as much. I don't have to get up before the Children to create a masterpiece, I don't have to worry that there is no bread defrosted or that the fruit looks a bit dry as I know that I have a few more hours to work the kinks out.

The one thing I hate about half terms is the exact same thing. It's okay during the School term for the Children to know that lunch today is a ham sandwich, because they know that I had to pack it at 8am and so if they aren't really in the mood for a ham sandwich that doesn't matter because it's already packed. During the School holidays by the time lunch comes round if the children aren't in the mood for a ham sandwich then they can fuss, because it's not made yet anyway.

With this in mind here is this weeks lunches.

Saturday - Steak Sandwich

Nothing special this week, just a plain steak sandwich because I couldn't find a recipe that grabbed me.

Sunday - Ham and Salad Sandwich

We're saving ourself for our roast, and plenty of Hot Crossed Buns after Church... and of course EASTER EGGS!

Monday - Picnic

We're very lucky to have been invited out for the day to Chessington by Lego Chima. Big Boy is really excited because he loves Chessington and Lego, so it's like an ideal day out for him. I have no idea what we'll be eating as we'll be picking up bits for a picnic in the morning on our way down to the park.

Tuesday - Egg and Soldiers

I'm not sure why we are going to have dippy egg and soldiers, but it appealed to me as something that we haven't had in a while and that the children would love to play around with.

Wednesday - Toasted Cheese Sandwich

The children love toasted sandwiches, and despite Tops always wanting Baked Beans in hers all she is getting is cheese. Well maybe a bit of onion or tomato, but I'll have to remind her and Big Boy that the temperature of the onion or tomato is always 1000 degrees hotter than the sun when in a Toastie!

Thursday - Couscous

Whilst the children and I love Couscous the one problem with it is that there is so much of it. Honestly, I brought the smallest packet and I've been eating it for ages and ages and it is still isn't even half way to looking like it has been opened! Today we'll have it with plenty of diced veggies so that the Children have something to help me with when we cook the dish.

Friday - Decide What You Want Day

It should be a special Friday Lunch, but as we are at home I'm cheating slightly and letting the Children decide out of everything we have what they would like. Knowing what my kitchen cupboards look like on a Friday it isn't going to be much.

And that's the plan, if we stick with it then it will be a miracle!

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