Our Locked Out Adventure

Yesterday afternoon as I set off on the School Run I picked up my phone (so I can be a playground loner!), the keys from the hook, the Mothers Day card for my Step Mother-in-law (Yes, I know it's a day late), did my coat up and set off up the road. I'd only gone a few meters when I had a feeling I should check the keys in my pocket, so I did and discovered that I'd actually picked up the car keys and not the house keys.

I had locked myself out the house.

The children and I walked slowly home, in the lightly falling snow. We had a plan, as the door wasn't locked, if we could reach in the letter box we could open the door.

Top Ender tried.

Big Boy tried.

The door remained shut.

Top Ender trying to open the door

So we sat in the car and came up with a few ideas.

Big Boy decided that we should get a Ninja Monkey who'd kick the door down. I let him know that whilst this would be good, it would mean that the Pirates could get in our house.

Top Ender suggested we scream the door down. I let her know that I didn't think that this would work and also it was too cold to scream at a door.

Big Boy suggested we jump over our 8ft fence and climb in the cat flap. I reminded him that we weren't superheroes and so couldn't jump over a fence or stretch through a cat flap.

Top Ender suggested that we Flat Stanley ourselves. I reminded her that we didn't have a notice board in the car.

Big Boy and Top Ender in the Car

We let everyone know how daft I had been, by updating Facebook and Twitter and had some lovely offers from people letting us know if we could get to them that we were welcome to keep warm in their homes and some great suggestions of things to do to stay warm, if only I had my wallet on me.

So, we sat in the car (which we could drive because it's got a broken bit) and told Pirate stories to each other, we dealt with Big Boy's low blood sugar (we had his meter on us because it goes to and from School) with the emergency apple juice in the car, we waved to the Police Helicopter and then Daddy came home (as early as he could) and let us into the house.

Our locked out adventure was one of the best evenings I've had with the children in a long time. It just goes to show that it's about the time spent together and that it doesn't matter what it is that we're doing as long as we're together.