Evening Meal Plan (W/C 16/03)

Last week was quite fun, we didn't have the curry on the Tuesday, but we didn't seem to mind! I planned this week quite quickly with a little help from Daddy and am looking forward to cooking the dishes. I think that the food is interesting and a variety of flavours should help me to get the children interested in food again.

Saturday - BBQ Chicken Burgers

We like Saturday evening meals to be easy to prepare or something that can be thrown into the slow cooker so that it is prepared without really having to do anything because we are always so busy on a Saturday. This week we've decided to have grilled Chicken breasts as a Burger in floury baps and despite what Daddy says he won't be having two, but will be having salad or maybe some vegetable kebabs.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Daddy and I were talking about different vegetables earlier this week and we decided that seeing as we both like cabbage that we should have it with our dinner this week. So the Chicken this week is going to be accompanied with some nice spring cabbage, peas, carrots, roast potatoes and hopefully some yorkshire puddings as I'm sure that Daddy will have nailed the recipe this week!

Monday - Meatless Monday Vegetable Quiche

After the success of last weeks Vegetable Lasagne (which we had on Tuesday, but we did have home made vegetable soup on the Monday which was lovely) I'm really looking forward to making a Quiche tonight. We haven't had quiche as a family for a while, seeing as how Daddy is unable to eat egg, but now we know how to use the Orgran No Egg to our best advantage I'm going to see if I can make a nice tasting quiche and I might try to make it special and be all starry again.

Star Quiche

Tuesday - Sticky Chilli Salmon

We're big fans of Salmon here, normally we just cook it with a little butter and some mixed herbs but I'm hoping that if I use a bit of Chinese inspiration (or maybe it is Thai, I'm not really sure!) we can create something a little more sophisticated and something which I hope that the children will eat without complaint. If they don't I might just have to remind them what they ate last Tuesday night. I'll serve this with rice, and some cabbage that I didn't cook on Sunday.

Wednesday - Toad in the Hole

Daddy still hasn't forgiven me for not recognising what he had brought up for me to eat when I was ill (it was Toad in the Hole) and so to make it up to him I'm making Toad in the Hole and he can get his own back. I'm going to make a nice onion gravy and will serve the gravy and toad in the hole with peas and carrot mash.

Thursday - Pizza

I thought after the comfort food of last night we'd eat lighter this evening, so Pizza and Salad and if the children are very lucky some garlic bread for them to make up for having to eat salad. As we're making the pizzas at home, I'm guessing that Top Ender and Daddy will go for pineapple and ham and Big Boy and I will go for just cheese (although I might smuggle mushrooms, peppers and sweetcorn on to my side of the pizza).

Friday - Date Night! Scallops

Daddy and I try to have a date night every so often so that we can reconnect, and I figured that we should have a chance tonight. The Children go to bed early (with some treats) and get to watch a film in bed (and knowing them play a game of Minecraft over the internal network) so I'll serve them dinner early (this Kid friendly Scallops recipe looks good for them) and then I'll make Scallops and Bacon with Spring Onion Mash for Daddy and I.

So this is the meal plan for the week. What do you think? Are you going to invite yourself round to join us on any particular night?!