Double Smiles - Big Boy Giggles

We haven't had a giggles for a while, as I've been sharing most of them via Twitter or our Facebook page but Saturday morning gave me a humdinger of a giggle that I had to share here.

It's become the routine that when Big Boy wakes up, I climb into bed with him to have a cuddle and talk about the day ahead. We talk about what we are excited about, things we have to remember and anything that we are worried about (well he does, I mostly listen and ask math and spelling questions). On Saturday morning I had curled up in bed next to him and we chatted away for a good ten minutes before my body realised I was awake and I gave a BIG yawn in recognition.

DO THAT AGAIN! said Big Boy
What? I said Yawn?
No! That thing! said Big Boy moving his chin towards his chest

I assumed he wanted me to do the same, so I pushed my chin towards my chest and was rewarded with a big smile from Big Boy, which of course I returned.

Now do a sad face Mummy. You have TWO smiles Mummy! said Big Boy proudly.

What a way to point out I have a double chin.

Big Boy with Two Smiles

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