Winx Club Magazine Review

Many years ago Top Ender found a cartoon that she quite liked. It was about these girls who were into fashion, happy to be great friends despite having different interests, worked hard at School and happened to be Fairies. It ticked so many boxes for Top Ender, and I actually quite enjoyed it to, and so we watched Winx Club. And when Big Boy was born, he watched Winx too.

At first it seemed that nobody else watched Winx and trying to find gifts for Top Ender with characters on from this TV show was so hard, but I managed it thanks to some dedicated google searches and late night sewing.

And then it became popular, dolls were on sale in shops, pyjamas, bed linen, lamps, rugs even sweets. Top Ender was of course in heaven, but even more so when a copy of the new magazine arrived that we had been asked to review.

Top Ender loved the Winx magazine, she said;

and as you can see, she loved it so much she didn't even care that she has had to read it to Big Boy more than once!

Top Ender reading the Winx Magazine to Big Boy

We were sent a magazine to review.