Lunch Meal Plan (W/C 16/03)

I really have to get back in the habit of taking photographs of the children's lunches for sharing on the Facebook page, as I realised today I've not put any up for ages, mostly due to me being ill but partly because I forgot to charge my camera battery, and I know that some people were getting inspiration from them, but mostly I was getting asked to make lunches for other people and I liked that! I actually went ahead and made one for a friend who is teaching at Top Ender and Big Boy's School at the moment and she was quite surprised and I think she liked it (I got told she was showing off at lunch time!), if not she is a great a actress as she is a teacher, and her sisters say that just isn't possible...

Saturday - Avocado and Prawn Crunchy Rolls

I'm a big Prawn and Avocado fan, I'd happily eat them all day everyday, but apparently that would be bad for me. So I'm hoping this week to convert the Children and Daddy to the delights of an avocado, but I'm not holding out too much hope. I'm mixing the avocado with a little mayo (well the egg free Mayola that Daddy can eat), a little Cayenne Pepper and chopped seeded tomato.

Sunday - Crackerbreads

When I was younger one of the best days I remember was when my parents, sister and I took turns to create different toppings for some cracker breads we were having for lunch. We each made what we thought was nice and I remember having avocado and bacon on one round and banana and chocolate spread on another. I thought that I might try to recreate something similar today, although I'm guessing that it will just end up with the children going for cheese and ham and only me eating the avocado.

Monday - BBQ Chicken and Carrots Soft Baps

I'm planning on using the leftovers from yesterdays Roast Chicken with a bit of the BBQ sauce from Saturday's evening meal mixed together with some grated carrots for a tasty filling in a soft roll. Big Boy is off on a School trip this afternoon and I'm a parent helper so I'm looking forward to this one too as I'll make my lunch first thing in the morning so that I can eat and get to School on time.

Tuesday - Quiche

With all being well the quiche for dinner last night will have left us with enough to send Big Boy and Top Ender to school with the leftovers. Just in case it hasn't though I will be making a back up quiche for slicing and putting in the freezer for lunches over the next month and they can have some of that.

A Special Salad

Wednesday - Noodles

I said to Top Ender that I didn't think she'd like a Pasta dish on a Wednesday because of Orchestra and her needing to be quick. Apparently though she eats pasta quicker than she does a sandwich, so today I'm going to make Beef stock Noodles for Big Boy and Top Ender. I'll try and make them pretty for the first day of Spring, but I'm not sure that will happen.

Thursday - Sausage Wraps

One of the foods I used to love making for Daddy and I to share as an evening meal before Top Ender was born was breakfast wraps. Chopped mushrooms, sausages, bacon a fried egg and a big squirt of tomato ketchup. It was heaven in a wrap. Today Top Ender and Big Boy are going to have Sausage Wraps as a sort of tribute to this past meal. I'll make some sweetcorn relish to go with the sausages and try and smuggle in some salad leaves.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Today the lunch is going to be themed around Top Ender and Big Boy's School topics. Top Ender is learning about Eco Warriors and the environment in general and Big Boy is learning about Travel Agents... I have no idea why he is learning about travel agents, other than "So, we can play in the Travel Agents Corner in the Classroom Mum!".