Evening Meals (W/C 09/03)

Last week, with me being just able to start using the computer again (the lack of an ear drum apparently also gives me an inability to look at computer screens without feeling sick), the Meal Plan was a sheet of paper on the fridge. I must say it worked out rather well as instead of having to look up my own blog to find out what I was supposed to be feeding the family I just looked at the fridge.

I also decided to sort out the three freezers so that I knew what we had (or rather what I'd forgotten we had) and eating it and every thing in the stock cupboard this week is an expensive week as I have to buy almost EVERYTHING as we've now run out of everything.

Saturday - Mussels or Pasta

I got a delivery from Fish is the Dish and Delish Fish this week, and I'll be using the Mussels as our first of two portions of fish this week (There is a plan to this, and I'll post about it soon!). I did think I could make a chowder, or maybe just cook them in garlic as my Mum would but I decided that as Daddy was going to eat this with me (well he will attempt it anyway) a curried mussel soup would be the best choice. I've invited my Mum over as hopefully between the three of us we'll make a decent soup and also it's Mothers Day tomorrow!

As a back up I'm making Smoked Salmon Pasta for the children so if needs be Daddy can eat this too! The pasta is easy to make, you just cook pasta as normal and whilst that is boiling you fry some onions, chopped peppers and a little garlic (I don't do it in oil as my special frying pan is clever, but you might need a little) stir into the pasta some Creme Fraiche or soft cheese and a little lemon juice before stirring in the vegetable mixture and the Salmon.

I will sneak in some other vegetables, possibly some mushrooms too and serve both with some bread, as you can't have soup without bread!

Sunday - Shoulder of Lamb

I have the local Missionaries from Church coming round for dinner tonight. I know that they probably get over fed at all the houses they go to, but I wanted to make sure they got fed well here. I used to love the Missionaries coming round for dinner when I was younger, and I'd like my children to experience the same thing. My sister suggested the Jamie Oliver recipe for a slow cooked Lamb Shoulder, as she did it when she had guests and it was lovely and on top of that there were a tonne of leftovers, which when you are feeding an extra two hungry adults is a good thing!

As it is a roast, we'll have roast potatoes, gravy and possibly Yorkshire puddings along with a selection of veg that may or may not include, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, sprouts, green beans, sweetcorn and spinach. It's a big calorie (and carb) meal, but we'll have a small lunch to make up for it.

Monday - Meatless Monday

We are useless with coming up with ideas for meatless Monday. Honestly, if it isn't pizza, soup and toasties, jacket potatoes or some form of pasta then I don't know what to make. Today is no different, but I'm attempting to make a Vegetable Lasagne, I'm going to need luck so please send me any you have spare!

Tuesday - Lamb Curry

If all goes to plan, then along with our Sunday meal the Lamb Shoulder should also have enough meat left over to do sandwiches on the Monday AND to be a meal tonight and possibly another meal after this too. I've figured that Lamb Curry would be a good bet, as it can be bulked out with rice and vegetables just in case there isn't as much meat as my Sister said there should be. I will have cut the lamb up on Sunday night, and if there is more meat left I will freeze it ready to include in a meal next week.

Wednesday - Fish and Chips

The other week Daddy discovered the secret to making a great Gluten free batter. I will get him to write it down so I can share it, but until then know that on Wednesday night I'll be eating Fish and Chips (my second portion of fish of the week!) and if I'm really lucky I might be eating Battered Banana afterwards as Daddy has discovered that they are rather lovely.

I'm not sure what I'll be using at the moment, I have some nice Cod in the freezer and Hake too, so it'll be one or the other.

Thursday - Baked Sloppy Joes

The children and I were working out a meal plan for a month, (we were hoping it would be this month but with one thing and another it looks like it is going to be April or possibly May) and they both asked for baked Sloppy Joes as they love it. So I figure a lovely Thursday meal is in order. I'll serve it with Salad (as it is Spring) and peas. Or maybe beans. I just don't know yet!

Baked Sloppy Joes

Friday - Casserole

In the freezer I found a pack of Aunt Bessie's Casserole, that I had got at Aunt Bessie's event I went to. Yes, it was a while back but in my defence I do have three freezers! The problem is as it isn't gluten free, Daddy can't eat it and so I needed a night he wasn't in that I could use it.

Tonight's that night.

I'm going to serve it with either dumplings or Yorkshire puddings and cauliflower mash. Just don't tell the children it's cauliflower mash and they will never know.

So that's what we have planned for this week, what about you? Are you getting two portions of fish this week?

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