Back to School Lunches (W/C 13/04)

Another week of packed lunches as the Children are back to School on Monday, this is good as it means as long as I remember to keep my camera charged there will be lots more pictures on our Facebook page of ideas for lunches.

Saturday - Scrabble Ham Sandwiches

It's National Scrabble day so today we're having Scrabble Sandwiches, which basically means sandwiches cut into cubes and if we have enough time we'll write different letters on top. If we don't have time then we'll just pretend and give ourselves triple letter scores.

Sunday - Hot Turkey, Provolone Cheese, Red Onion, Tomato, Pesto Mayonnaise on a Toasted Torta Roll aka The Costco Sandwich

Last week Daddy found this sandwich in Costco and asked if we could have it for lunch on Sunday at home. So we're having it today! I just hope that the local deli stocks Provolone Cheese as I don't think the local supermarkets do.

Monday - Veggie Cous Cous

Top Ender pointed out the other day, if we have Meatless Mondays why does our lunch have meat in? I had no answer, I had thought of it as the evening meal being meatless, as lunch was just using up yesterdays leftovers but have decided to show Top Ender that this week I can pay attention and do a veggie lunch too.

Tuesday - Chicken Mayo Sandwich

We're big fans of a Chicken Sandwich, so instead of having it on the Monday we've had it today. I'm adding some mayo (well mayola with no eggs) and chives and some form of vegetable, not sure what yet depends what I buy on Saturday!

Wednesday - Cheese Sandwich

It's Daffy Ducks birthday today, no really it is. So today we're having a Cheese Sandwich as then he'll be able to join in with us as I'm sure all Ducks like Cheese. Hopefully the sandwiches will be looking like Daffy... If it doesn't then it will still be a Cheese sandwich and who could ask for anything more on a Wednesday?!

Thursday - Pizza Muffins

I did think about doing Tuna Pasta today, but I thought with having Haddock tonight it might be a bit repetitive. So I've gone for Pizza Muffins instead and I hope that the children will appreciate getting to eat what is normally a "cake" as a main dish.

Friday - Top Enders Friday Lunch

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Lunch today is actually a ham sandwich, but it has a little theme that would have been more fitting if it were a cheese sandwich (have you guessed?!). Luckily thanks to some savvy shopping a few weeks back I brought something rather fun that will make the main part of the lunch easy to make, which will allow me to play around with the pudding part a little more.

And that's this weeks lunches, which I'm hoping will be tasty, fun and help Big Boy's blood sugars stay in a nice and "safe" range.

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