Easy White Fish Curry

Over the last week or so I've got a little muddled with what I'm supposed to be cooking when, and so when last night I read on my meal plan I was supposed to be cooking an easy Fish Stew, which we'd eaten last week (instead of the Creamy Hake Bake) I could have thrown a tantrum, instead I threw together a quick easy Fish Curry for Daddy and I. I didn't even go to Fish is the Dish to see if they had a recipe, just made one up myself. *Proud Face*

I had two fillets of Hake and two of Cod, so I quickly pan fried the Hake which along with some Mash Potato and green beans was served to Top Ender and Big Boy. The only issue I have with pan frying Hake is that it sticks to the pan, this is good if you want to remove the skin easily, but rather annoying if you don't want the fish flesh to stick to the pan. I didn't take a picture of the Hake and Mash for the children, but it looked pretty good and as they ate it without asking questions I'm thinking that the indoctrination of my children is complete are far as fish eating is concerned.

Easy White Fish Curry

The White Fish Curry was really easy to make, and tasted great. Daddy said that it didn't taste fishy (he still doesn't like fishy fish) and I was pleased as it wasn't overly spicy. This is the recipe for it.


Two Cod Fillets (I used Cod, but any white fish would work well including Hake or Coley)
Chopped Peppers (I keep a bag of frozen chopped peppers in the freezer)
Green Beans (I keep a bag of frozen sliced beans in the freezer)
Chopped Onion (I keep a bag of frozen diced onion in the freezer)
Half a can Coconut Milk
Curry Paste (what kind you like best I had 1/2 a jar of Patek's Korma paste in my fridge so I used that)
150ml Water
Olive Oil


Heat a slug of Olive Oil in a pan (I used a wok, but a frying pan would work too) before adding the onion and Peppers. Let heat through and the Onion start to get soft before adding some Green Beans.

I did it by eye, but I used roughly one onion, half a green, red and yellow pepper and two generous handfuls of Green Beans. You can increase or decrease the amounts you use as per your own personal taste and availability.

Let the mixture gently fry over a low heat, whilst you cut the Fish fillets in to chunks, then add the cut fish, the Curry paste and the water to the pan and stir well to ensure the fish and the vegetables are well covered.

Let the mixture simmer for ten minutes, adding in the coconut milk around half way through cooking. Make sure to stir well to ensure the milk spreads through the dish.

Serve with Rice or as I did as a soup with plenty of bread for dipping!

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