The Tomato Based Rosti Topped Fish Pie

For dinner this week, we had Fish Pie. I love fish pie and so do the children but Daddy isn't so keen. The problem is that fish pie is easy and tasty to make and I didn't want to stop making it... So I waited until Daddy was going to sleep and decided to ask him some questions about why he didn't like fish pie. Daddy didn't give me much information, mostly due to him being sleepy, but he did say he doesn't like vegetables in the fish mix and he was pretty sure he didn't like the white sauce the fish was normally in. So I decided to use a tomato based sauce.

And dinner was brilliant.

Rosti Topped Fish Pie with Tomato Sauce

I cheated slightly and used some of the new Aunt Bessie's mini rustic Rosti's instead of making my own Rosti toppings. I've no doubt that I'll be making it again, although I'm going to see if I can sneak in some vegetables into the tomato sauce.

Just in case someone somewhere wants to know what I did.


1 leek finely chopped
1tsp of butter
1tsp Olive Oil
Pack of Fish Pie Mix (I had a cook from Frozen pack)
2tsp Parsley
Salt and Pepper
500ml Passata
16 Mini Potato Rosti's
Handful grated Cheddar


Chop the leek finely and place into a frying pan to sauté in the oil and melted butter.

Turn on the oven to gas mark 6.

Place the fish into an oven proof dish and add the parsely and seasoning. Add the passata and sautéed leek to the dish and place in the preheated oven at Gas Mark 6 for twenty-five minutes.

In the future I'll purée some vegetables and add to the Passata before adding to the fish.

Stir well before adding the Rosti topping and a handful of Grated Cheese. Place back in the oven for twenty minutes before serving.

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