Lunches for the week (W/C 06/04)

Here are our plans for lunches for this week. As always, they are served with a couple of servings of fruit, some dairy and normally plenty of water or squash and a little pudding treat of a biscuit or similar.

Saturday - Cheese Sandwich

As I don't go shopping until a Saturday afternoon, it seems pointless having the "special" sandwich on a Saturday as I have to go and buy the ingredients separate to my main shop. So I'm moving it to a Sunday, which means if I get indigestion then I can suffer it at Church instead of in a Supermarket.

Sunday - Gourmet Sausage Sandwich

Today our sandwich is inspired by the Gourmet Sausages you can buy in various Butchers and Supermarkets where the sausages aren't just your standard pork, but have apple or cherries or peak or something else in them. I'm teaming our Sausages (I don't know what they are just yet as I've probably left it too late to get special ones from our butchers with fruit in and no gluten, so they'll be just plain pork sausages) with a little stewed cherry and apple and onion mixture mixed together with a little honey and a dab of mustard all served up in Ciabatta bread (well as close to as our Gluten free bread allows).

Monday - Chicken Rolls

Using the leftover Chicken from yesterdays roast, I'll make rolls for us all to enjoy. I'll add a little chopped Cherry tomato to mine and some salt, but the Children just like Chicken.

Tuesday - Pizza Wrap Rings 

One of the great things about wraps, is that you can put anything in them and with some careful wrapping it doesn't fall out. If you then heat it in the microwave (or the oven or the grill) you can cut the wrap into slices and make great Wrap Rings which are bite-sized and perfect for little mouths and tummies.

Wednesday - Chopped Egg and Cucumber Sandwiches

I've been promising the children we'll have afternoon tea during the holidays, like we do in the Summer and so today is the day. We're going to dress up and hopefully if the weather allows it eat in the garden. I have a feeling we might be dressed rather warmly rather to keep out the cold.

English Afternoon Tea

Thursday -  Ham and Cucumber Wrapped Sushi

Top Ender and Big Boy love Ham and Cucumber together, and I've discovered that in a Sandwich Big Boy eats the cucumber skin, which he doesn't do if it is a snack.

Friday - Monkeys on Toast (Welsh Rarebit)

Years ago I told Top Ender that we were having Monkeys on Toast for lunch. I'm not sure why, but it stuck and ever since if we're having Cheese on Toast we'll say Monkeys on Toast, which to me sounds a lot better than Welsh Rarebit any way!

Those are our lunches this week, we're also going to try and fit in a baking session to make some Hot Cross Buns and soft Pretzels, so they will either be a pudding or an afternoon snack if we do get round to it.

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