The Giant To Do List of 2013 - Part Two

Back in January I posted a long list of things that I wanted to do in our home, a giant to do list. I was breaking it down into quarters because it's easier to manage and because a lot of what we want to do is Seasonal. Well, now it's time for my 2nd list of the year and here it is. The first 12 items are pulled from my last list as they didn't get done in the first quarter (apart from the Swagbucks one), but hopefully with the weather warming up (PLEASE!) I'll be able to get to them in this quarter.

1) Paint the hallway to remove the stains BB left.
2) Fix the skirting board in the hall.
3) Weed the driveway at the side of the house.
4) Make an attempt at clearing the back garden.
5) Sort out Top Ender's bedroom.
6) Clear out the Garage.
7) Clear out the loft.
8) Teach myself the guitar (I'm getting better, but need the time to practice).
9) Find a way of buying a new (to us) car.
10) Wash all the curtains.
11) Line Big Boy's curtains.
12) Hit my swagbucks target everyday.
13) Lose 26lbs through diet and exercise.
14) Get a proper cleaning routine in place.
15) Establish Date nights for the Children and us.
16) Go on Family Walks.
17) Paint the Bathroom and Kitchen doors.
18) Hire a Skip.
19) Do some form of weekly Volunteering.
20) Stitch a sampler.
21) Plan Big Boy's Birthday.
22) Get ready for the Summer Holidays.
23) Play around with the "expensive" DSLR camera.
24) Comment on at least one blog post a day.
25) Spend more time with extended family

How about you? Have you got plans for this quarter?

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