Meal Plans (W/C 27/04)

I'm currently drinking Pomegranate and Soda Water and accidentally eating more Pringles than I should. Still it means that I'm not hungry whilst making up this weeks meal plan!

Saturday - Fish Fingers and Mash

We've had a lot of Fish over the last few weeks, but we haven't had Fish Fingers so I thought we'd have them today. Serving them with peas and fruit for pudding.

Sunday - Sausages

Ooh what's that? Not a roast?! Top Ender and I are hanging around at Church for a bit today as we're having a munch and mingle after the Service and we didn't think it fair to Daddy and BB to be waiting on us. So they are going to have Sausages and Tops and I will eat at Church and have a sandwich if we need anything more when we get in.

Monday - Meatless Monday - Aubergine and Lentil Curry

Dinner is quick tonight as I have a meeting this evening, so I've gone back to something that Daddy and I have had before and that I can cook in the slow cooker so that it is kind of minimal effort!

Tuesday - Beef and Beans

I was talking to a Dietician last week and she said that we had our diets pretty much well and truly balanced but I noticed that we didn't have a lot of red meat and this is my first step in rectifying that!

Wednesday - Tuna Lasagne

I've gone for Tuna Lasagne as it's something I can knock up quickly and mostly without thinking about it and the Children love Lasagne. I also thought it would be interesting having a fish based lasagne for a change.

Thursday - MY BIRTHDAY!!!

In our house we have a tradition that on your birthday you get to chose what the family eats. Normally I go for a picnic type meal but this year I'm going for something different. I asked everyone on Facebook what they thought and despite the overwhelming majority thinking I should go for Nicki's Slow Cooker Lasagne I've chosen Garlic Chicken with Salad and Herby New Potatoes.

Friday - Chicken Tikka Masala

Daddy loves curry, but I don't think we eat it as much as he would like, so we have my version tonight. I'm serving it with Rice and Herb Salad.

My Draw on Tablecoth

This week we are also going back to eating every meal (apart from Sunday) at the table together, as I think that it helps a lot more with portion control and helps the children eat at a better pace.

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