Disney's Shake It Up CD review

When I was younger my two youngest Aunts would often let me join in their games. Some of the times I remember best would be where they would teach me a dance routine to a song. I can't remember if I was any good or not, but judging from my inability to dance now I'm going to say I wasn't. Top Ender and Big Boy love playing the same sorts of games, and Top Ender will often make a dance routine up to music she hears on the TV, or thanks to her love of Shake It Up she'll learn a dance routine that she has watched multiple times. So when we were sent the Disney's Shake It Up I <3 Dance (get it I "heart" Dance) CD Tops was over the moon.

Having played the music whilst we were doing some homework, I was shocked to realise I recognised none of the tracks. I thought I was more hip than that. Top Ender however happily sung away and has since created several dances to her favourite tracks and I've learnt the lyrics... to the best of my knowledge anyway.

Shake It Up - I <3 Dance CD

Big Boy and I are hearing the CD quite a bit, with Top Ender playing it not quite at full blast after School, and we're coming up with our own dance routines for the tunes. Again I can't say that we'd ever make it on to Shake It Up, or even BGT but it's a fun little way to exercise and it does mean that come the next School Disco the children will be able to work out a nice little routine together!

We were sent a copy of the CD to review.

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