The Moon Ain't Made of Cheese - Big Boy Giggles

Big Boy was rather taken with the extraordinary views that the Hubble Telescope offered of our galaxy during the 3D IMAX screening at the Science Museum, despite being sad that all the planets orbited the Sun, but not "any daughters".

Daddy, Big Boy and Top Ender waiting for the IMAX film to start

During the film Big Boy turned to Daddy and whispered

"Did God make the stars?"
"Yes" replied Daddy
"Did God make the Earth?" asked Big Boy
"Yes" replied Daddy
"He didn't make the Moon though." said Big Boy
"Why not?" asked Daddy
"The Moon is made of Rock and anyone could make that!" answered Big Boy

I think Big Boy might have been playing a little too much Minecraft!

Big Boy playing Minecraft at the Science Museum

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