The Affirmation Station

Daily Affirmations. They can help you physically and emotionally, they can help you pick yourself up and dust yourself off when you're needing a bit of love or a kick in the pants. Do you think that they work?

I was at my Sisters house yesterday and I couldn't help but notice a rather large display of post it notes on the side of the Kitchen cupboard. I could see that everything was in her handwriting, but I couldn't work out what they were or why there were four rows (I thought one for each of her daughters) and I didn't want to read them in case they were personal. So I asked her about it.

Affirmation Station

Kitty (that's my sister) told me it was her affirmation station (actually that's what I said as I know bigger words than she does thanks to a misspent youth of reading the dictionary) and that she put up quotes that she found inspirational when she was having a down moment. Then she would spend a few moments reading each quote and realising that she might be feeling a little depressed, but that she was blooming marvellous and so would stop feeling down.

How marvellous right?

I said that I wished I had somewhere to put post it notes of a similar fashion and somewhere that I could easily get to. Kitty said it could be anywhere, inside your wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, the side of your fridge, behind your desk, on the side of your bedside table. The point is that you know where it is and can see it when you need a little boost.

I told her that I was going to blog about this, because it is a fantastic idea and Kitty said that you might want to follow her Pinterest quote board Cool Sayings to see some of the great quotes she has already found and in anticipation of the ones that she will find in the future.

What is your favourite affirmation?

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