I just wish that he didn't feel different

When I wrote this I was sitting in Big Boy's classroom whilst he and his Sister were at their School's first Film night. Other than the PTA mums, I was the only parent there, all of the other parents dropped their Children off and practically ran for freedom for a couple of hours on a Friday night.

I have to stay as due to Big Boy's Diabetes he has to have someone here who can recognise the signs of his Hypo's and Hypers (Top Ender is taking care of that one for me, as she is in the hall watching the film too) and someone who can treat them, and as much as I love our School's PTA I can't really ask them to take responsibility for Big Boy's injections.

And this is how it is going to be for most of Big Boy's childhood.

Already he feels different to his friends because he can't go to other peoples houses for dinner.

Already he feels different as he has to step out of class in order to have a blood test and injection before he eats his lunch.

Already he feels different as I have to stay at Birthday parties.

I'm not bothered that I'm sitting here just in case something happens. I'm not bothered that instead of having an extra couple of childfree hours I'm here. Big Boy has diabetes and that is it. Until some cure is found, or artificial pancreases are normal this is Big Boy's life. I'm over the not wanting this part of Big Boy's diagnosis, there is nothing I can do about it now and I understand that.

I just wish though that he didn't feel different.

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