The Mammoth Garden Project

Have you ever started a mammoth project and then realised near the end that you should have taken a photograph at the start so you could see just how much you had done? That was basically my day on Monday.

Monday I decided that I wanted to tackle my back garden. The plan was just to remove some of the weeds from in front of the kitchen window, to make sure that the view from my kitchen was not obscured and also to start getting my garden ready for the Summer, when hopefully we're going to be using it a lot more... well if Spring and Summer ever arrive that is!

I spent the day cutting back trailing thorny vines. Pulling up grass that was as tall as I was. Carrying bricks from the wall that is collapsing to the driveway. Shovelling up spadefuls of mud and dust and pieces of wood and stones and everything else that somehow collected in one corner of the "patio".

I found bugs, more bugs and yet more bugs and a tiny toad hiding waiting for me to say Hello.

Tiny Toad hiding in the Grass

I got a workout that I enjoyed and a day spent outdoors. Although looking over what I had accomplished, it didn't seem that much.

And then when Daddy got home, he complimented me on what I had done. Even though what I thought I had done wasn't that noticeable, he noticed. He saw how hard I had worked, and he realised that telling me how much he appreciated what I had done and how excited he was about our plans for the garden and the Summer and how I had made an impressive start on this on my own was what I needed to hear. Then he offered his help if I needed or wanted it. How I loved him all the more then for offering his help, but only if I wanted it or needed it. He knew that this was my project, my undertaking, my mammoth task and my gift to us as a family.

And so that's what I'm going to be doing as long as it's dry. Slowly working my way round my garden, pulling out the weeds, reclaiming my garden and getting it ready for the Summer that I have planned.

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