Starlight Express The UK Tour

Top Ender and I are just back from the Theatre seeing a performance of Starlight Express. I was hoping that this high energy show would give Top Ender a life long love of the Theatre and of Performing, just like it had me when I was younger (not too much older than she is now) and although I won't know if that has worked for many months and years, I do know that she loved the show (and so did I!).

Starlight Express - credit Eric Richmond

When you see someone on roller skates flip over as in the photograph above, you just know that there are injuries a plenty amongst the cast but as Top Ender came to realise in the course of the show sometimes you have to take risks. I think that without even meaning to, the cast taught Tops a life lesson, but then again what do I know? Maybe Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber knew all those years ago that this show would teach little girls and boys all across the world not only that the theatre is exciting, or even if you believe in yourself you will succeed but that sometimes need to take risks and your Mum is always right. If she says you'll enjoy a stage show, then enjoy you will.

Starlight Express - credit Eric Richmond

Top Ender loved the costumes and the way that each train and carriage had it's own personality. How they each acted differently, some primped themselves and some showed off their strength or aggressions just like how people are in the real world. It also helped Top Ender to realise that there is more to fashion than looking good, each one of the costumes reflected a personality, but was also allowing the cast member to be safe and able to move freely around the stage and racetrack. Maybe her fashion won't be so high end and a little more practical...

Starlight Express - credit Eric Richmond

If you have a chance to go, the show is at Milton Keynes Theatre until May 4th 2013.

We were given two press tickets to attend.

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