Evening Meals (W/C 13/04)

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are going by at the moment, it seems that as quickly as I blink that another week has passed. On one hand I don't mind this, because it will soon be my birthday and Summer but on the other hand I'm terrified as it means that soon it will be Big Boy's birthday and then end of Summer when he'll be starting Year One.

Saturday - BBQ Chicken Burgers

We had the BBQ Chicken Burgers a few weeks back and I discovered that not only did you only need half a Chicken breast per person, but also that it was DELICIOUS! So we're having it again. I'll serve it with Salad and Wedges.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

I love the way that Daddy has taken over cooking the Sunday Roast. Even when I was home last week watching General Conference he still carried on this new tradition. Now I just need to teach him how to carve the Chicken and we'll be away!

Monday - Meatless Monday Soup and Toasties

Last week we had Jacket Potatoes, which was great as I had slow cooked them and had a great discussion on Facebook with so many people about how easy they are to do that way. This week we are having Soup and Toasties as it was put to a vote and that was what won.

Tuesday - Prawn Toasts and Salad

This isn't the kind of Prawn Toasts that you get from the local Chinese (although I do know how to make those!), but these Prawn toasts are prawns on toast. We love a thick dip that we can get from one of the local Deli's that is Sweet Chilli flavoured, which when spread over toast and covered with Prawns is DELISH! We'll serve with Salad and extra slices of toast, as my children are pains and hate salad.

Prawns on a Sub

Wednesday - Sausage and Bean Stew

When we had the Hake Fish Stew the other week, Daddy and the children loved the cubed potato in the bean mix and Daddy whilst thinking of an complimentary dish to another meal (tomorrows Mackerel) asked if we could have that part of the meal again. We decided to have it with Gluten Free Sausages because we can!

Thursday - Smoked Mackerel Bake

I was looking for a side dish to have with our Smoked Mackerel, as I didn't want to have potato again (we seem to be potato heavy at the moment) when I came across this recipe (click the title) and we decided to have it and to serve with Green Beans too. Hopefully ours will look as nice as the one in the photo.

Friday - Sausage Pie

Daddy is out at work tonight, so the Children and I are having a gluten filled meal of Sausage pie filled with our favourite vegetables and obviously Sausages. I'll also make a quick pudding up of Ice Cream Sundaes for the Children as a Friday night treat and I'll have fruit (I don't like Ice Cream!) and if we are all really good we might stay up late too.

Every week I always ask if you are inviting yourself round and in which case on which day, but this week I'd like to know what side dishes do you normally serve with your meals? Are you a potato or a pasta or a rice fan or am I missing something really obvious?

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