Second Week of Half Term Evening Meals (W/C 6/04)

We had a great time on half term this last week, the children and I love being in each others company and luckily for us the weather whilst wasn't exactly warm it wasn't bad and so we've made the most of hanging around the house, trips to the local park and that sort of thing.

Saturday - Beef Stir Fry

I love a Stir Fry and whilst the children are more of the persuasion that a stir fry should have more noodles and less vegetables, they do eat it. Mainly because I keep serving it and I figure that they'll either go hungry or learn to like it! Tonight we're having it with Beef, which I'll season with Chinese Five Spice and Soy Sauce.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

I'm at home this week as it's General Conference and we can, thanks to the wonders of Modern Technology, watch this from any PC via the Internet. So I might be cooking Dinner, but as Daddy is fabulous at cooking Gluten Free and Egg Free Yorkshire Puddings now, I'll still probably get him to do it. And a pudding of Apple Crumble, because if you can't get your husband to make your favourite pudding once in a while what is the point?!

Monday - Meatless Monday Jacket Potatoes

I've been really good and not had Jacket Potatoes for ages because Daddy isn't that keen on them, but I LOVE them and so I had to do it today, especially as served with Cheese and Beans they make a great Meatless Monday meal that everyone will eat. I'm cooking extra potatoes tonight to go with dinner tomorrow.

Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

Tuesday - Popcorn Fish

We have Saithe for dinner tonight, which I understand to be quite a fishy tasting fish. As Daddy isn't keen on fishy tasting fish I thought I would make popcorn fish, which I read about in a forum in the last few weeks. Unfortunately for us, you seem to be able to buy the fish ready prepared in batter in other countries and we'll have to make our own, but then as we try to eat things like this Gluten and Wheat free so Daddy can share we'd probably be making our own anyway. The idea is that you batter small bites of fish which then look like Popcorn. I'm serving it with Salad and Baked Potato Slices.

Wednesday - Beef Spaghetti

This is one of the easiest dishes to make, gently fry off some onions, with some mushrooms and peppers removing from the pan and putting to one side before adding some Beef strips and frying in the oil and juices left in the pan until the strips are no longer pink. Add the vegetables back to the beef and add a can of chopped tomatoes and let simmer for thirty minutes whilst cooking Spaghetti.

Serve with cheese on top.

Thursday - Home Made Pizza

Even though we had pizza last week, from Pizza Hut (and it was delicious) we're having it again this week. I'll serve it with Salad and I'll try not to burn it...

Friday - Haddock Fish Cakes

It's a Friday so I thought we deserved a treat, and I think that Fish Cakes are a treat. I'll make my own with potato and either finely chopped spring onions or chives (depending on what I have left by the end of the week) and serve with Sweetcorn and Cauliflower mash.

So that's the meals for this week, hopefully I won't get confused and end up creating a fish curry or a fish stew again!

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