Lunches (W/C 27/04)

I don't think I mentioned yesterday that I've put the whole family on a diet for the next six weeks. Well, I say diet it's more of a healthy eating thing which has the added benefit of Daddy and I losing weight... if we stick to the plan that is. For the most part I'll be eating a Chicken Salad for lunch, but the Children will be eating the following.

Saturday - Leftovers

Todays lunch is a mixture of a lot of different leftovers, from the last couple of days lunches and evening meals. Big Boy has helped me make a menu so that everyone can order what they like from the leftovers.

Sunday - Bacon and Cheese Pastry Wraps

Whilst I'd like our Sandwich today to be something along the lines of a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich (it would be great right? We could add bacon and it would be heaven!) I've got Daddy to make Bacon and Cheese Pastry wraps.

Monday - Sandwich Sushi

I've gone with Sandwich Sushi today, because I really need to use the cream cheese up and I couldn't think of a better way!

Tuesday -  Pitta Pizza Pockets

I love the mini pittas that you can buy (and I frequently do!) because they are so easy to fill. I keep mine in the freezer and just cook them in the toaster when they need to be defrosted. A slit along one side means that I can fill them with a bit of tomato paste and cheese zap them in the microwave to melt and the Children have pizza pockets.

Wednesday - Ham Roll

It's Granny's birthday today, and whilst she isn't a ham roll, I'm hoping to add something to this lunch to allow the Children join in with the celebrations.

Thursday - Birthday Lunch

Did you see the mini burgers that I made on Friday last week? Big Boy and Top Ender loved them, so this week I'm making mini hot dogs for lunch! Plus it's my birthday today so I figured the Children deserved a little treat.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Today's lunch is going to be Pasta, nothing special in that you might say but you haven't seen what I'm going to do with it yet.

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