Guess Who? Dinosaur Edition #Review

This past Easter the Children and I were sent a gift from the Natural History Museum.

Guess Who? Dinosaur Edition.

Guess Who? Dinosaur Edition

Now, we play guess who quite a lot at home. We have a family version (Who are you?) that Daddy made for me a few years ago. We have the "original" version and we even have a travel version. One of our most favourites is where we play it "in our heads" and pick either a cartoon or real person. Luckily, well to my knowledge anyway, nobody cheats.

Those of us who have played the Guess Who? Dinosaur Edition can not say the same however. Someone cheats every time they play it.

No, that someone isn't me.

That someone is actually BB. Who every time I play against I manage to get down to just one Dinosaur left open and yet apparently I've got it wrong.

What do you mean I probably suck at the game?!

Actually, that might be true. My knowledge of Dinosaurs extends to the information I've picked up from Dinosaur Train, the Jurassic Park film series and Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs.

So, not a lot.

Luckily, playing this version of Guess Who? has led BB to want to discover more about Dinosaurs, and he has been searching on the internet for information about them and he's planning our next trip down to the Natural History Museum based on what he wants to see.

The game is fab fun even without the dinosaur research it has inspired BB to undertake. It was easy to put together (that job fell to me) and having a score chart on the side of the board means there is one less thing for me to remember.

Dinosaur Guess Who? With handy score chart on the side

The game is £20.00 and thinking on it would be a great Wedding Present for my friends getting married this June who both know a lot about Dinosaurs...

We were sent the game, which was really kind of the NHM team.