My Mini Me

When Top Ender was first born, she reminded me of my Sister. I couldn't see any of me in her, I couldn't see any of Daddy in her. Just my Sister. Admittedly this only lasted an hour or two and as Tops grew, she became as stubborn as I am, she talked like I do, she had a lot of the same mannerisms and everyone, apart from me, thought she was a mini me.

Top Ender as a Baby

That was until they saw her with her Daddy.

Tops and her Daddy looked so alike, that there was no doubting who she belonged to. Even quite recently, when I introduced the Head of the local Primary School to my husband (and vice versa) she commented on how much the children look like their Daddy.

And that's what I see too when I look at Tops. I don't see me, I see her Daddy.

So it was a little shocking when I saw for the first time what others see a few weeks back.

At first, it was just a bit of fun, Top Ender had asked me to help her put her hair into a high pony tail (my hair is most often in a Ponytail, or one of those low messy buns that all Mums seem to wear when in a rush) and had asked me to help her put on some make up.

The icing on the cake, was when Tops put on my glasses and asked me to take a picture of her wearing them so she could pretend to be me. It was funny, it was cute and I wanted to put the photo on Instagram. As I posted two images, side by side of Top Ender and I that day I could see the similarities between us. I could see that Top Ender looked like me.

PippaD looking fabulous!Top Ender looking like PippaD

And it shocked me.

Of course, all of my friends online were shocked too.

What do you mean you've only just realised she looks like you?!
I've always thought you two look alike!
You two will get in trouble in a few years confusing people because you look so alike!

I had honestly never noticed this before, but now that I have. Well, I'm a little bit pleased.


The above was the end of the little blog post. However, as I was searching for images to put in this post, I kept finding old Top Ender and Baby Boy giggles blog posts and I was laughing away and reading them out to Daddy.

Daddy asked what it was that I was actually looking for and I told him that I was searching using Google for images of him and Top Ender to accompany a post about how much Top Ender looks like me.

"But she doesn't!" was his reply.

I gave him one of those hard bear stares that Paddington is so famous for and let him know that the people who had seen the image of Tops and I on April 1st disagreed. Husbands!