What We Are Eating W/C 2nd April 2016

For the last few weeks, possibly months, I've been creating meal plans weeks in advance, based on what is in the freezer, special offers and trying to keep everything in my life in order.

It has sort of worked.

Anyway, today is the first time in ages that I've woken up not knowing what I need to buy when I go shopping with my Mum later today and so after doing the very important chores of the day (feeding the Children, Cats, doing the dishes and reading a bit of my book) I've finally sat down to write the meal plan for the week.

It feels strange.

With that in mind, here is what everyone apart from Cambridge Diet me is eating this week.

Saturday - Shepherd's Pie

I left this meal to last when thinking about what to feed the family this week, mainly because I didn't know what to make them!

In the end I asked Daddy what he'd like to eat and he decided upon Shepherd's Pie, because he hasn't had it for a while and it was what he thought would be yummy.

As he does make a good Shepherd's Pie, I'm feeling quite jealous.

Shepherd's Pie

And hungry.

Sunday - Roast Sausages

Daddy and the Children will have to excuse me if I don't sit with them whilst they eat a Roast today. With it being General Conference, we normally schedule our meal between sessions, but as I'm not eating and the Roast is the hardest meal of the week for me to be around whilst I'm on the Cambridge Diet Stage One I'm sure they won't mind if I hide out in my bedroom!

Daddy will no doubt go all out with Yorkshire puddings, Fluffy Roast Potatoes, two or three types of Veg and of course the all important Sausages covered in Gravy.

Meatless Monday - Veggie Nuggets and Mash

I've been looking through the freezer and I've discovered that I have a lot of frozen Mash Potato. I'm going to use that up with the meal tonight for the Children. 

I'll serve the nuggets and mash with a side of Peas and a pudding of an Oreo Sandwich, because they are very tempting in the freezer and I need to get rid of them!

Tuesday - Turkey Burgers

If I make long burgers, are they still burgers?

Basically I have some Panini in the Freezer that I'd like to use, so I figure a nice Turkey Burger (Turkey Mince, some onion, some garlic, some parsley and some salt and pepper) will be lovely. I'll serve them with cubed potatoes and if you don't tell the Children, I won't tell them either that I've hidden slices of Tomato and a little lettuce in the burgers.

Wednesday - Carb Free Egg Muffins

We will be seeing the Diabetic Team today and knowing them they will be making some changes to the levels of insulin we give BB.

Therefore tonight I'm planning a Carb free meal so we can test them out.

Seeing as BB hates a carb free meal (he feels that he needs more subsistence) I plan to feed him until he's stuffed tonight with Egg Muffins (made with Ham and Chicken) and slices of Meat and a little Salad.

Top Ender can just hate me, but she'll love me tomorrow, so it all works out okay.

Thursday - Lasagne

The other day whilst playing with Miitomo, BB told us that his favourite meal was lasagne. So I thought I'd schedule it for one day this week. They will have it with Garlic Bread, a small amount of Salad (to be healthy ROFL) and I'll even be kind and let them have a bit of Easter Egg for a pudding.

I'm so kind.

Friday - Fish Cakes and Chips

I have plans for the Children to make the Fish Cakes at this point in time, however I know that this can quite quickly change to me making the Fish Cakes, whilst the Children run riot on the last weekday of this half term. It'll be all hands on deck tomorrow to get ready for School on Monday!

The plan is that I'll use some white fish, some tinned tuna and Mash potato (obviously) along with a little onion (Spring onion possibly?) and create some patties of the mixture.

As much as I'd like to do this meal with just a simple side salad, I know that Top Ender will roll her eyes at me so I'll add a few chips and some slices of buttered White bread (yuck) on the table for her benefit.

And that is what we are eating this week. What do you have planned?