The Amazing Magazine #Review

One of the things that my friends are always amazed about, is the amount of information the Children give to me about the things they are doing at School. I didn't think that I did anything different to anyone else, I put it down to just asking the right questions and at the right time! 

I think however, it is because I take an interest that I find out so much. I don't mean an interest in the Children (although I do think my Children are pretty interesting) but rather an interest in the subject. When the Children are completing their homework or are regaling me with stories about their day, I ask let them tell me the things that they have learnt. Sometimes the Children will tell me something that I really didn't know before hand and together we'll go off and do a bit of research to find out more or to confirm a theory that they have. Other times the Children will tell me something that I vaguely remember from my own School days and together we have a discussion about this area of interest.
Talking with my friends, I realise that they'd like to be able to do this too and so it was a happy coincidence, when I was asked if I would like to review a magazine I found that this would help my friends have conversations with their Children about what they are learning.

BB loves the magazine, called Amazing, and he found it helped him with his School work too because he already knew little tidbits about the subjects that they were discussing in class and it was mixed in with stories about Zombies, Puzzles and even a poster to display on his wall.

As you can see BB was so engrossed in the magazine and sitting so still, that Mario was able to come and cuddle up with him. When BB realised that his cat sat with him, he claimed that the magazine wasn't just Amazing, but magic too!

An annual subscription is £49 for 12 issues, there are digital subscriptions available too (iTunes, GooglePlay and Kindle Stores) for £23.99 and there are discounts available for Teachers and Schools too.

We were sent two magazines to review.