What We Are Eating W/C 9th April 2016

I've been naughty over the last week, I've been eating an odd meal here and there. This week I'm purposely picking meals that are quick to make and only bits that I will buy just enough to serve three so hopefully I'll then be able to resist!


An Amazing Ice Cream that I'll pretend I'm eating

Saturday - Chicken Curry and Rice

Now, this is going to be a real test for me. Tonight I'm going to get Daddy to make a steamed Curry for him and Top Ender. I'm going to go out so I don't have to smell it and I'm going to take BB with me for a little mini Mummy Son date.

BB isn't too keen on Curry, so we'll let him pick something that he wants and either take it with us (We have Thermos packs for "solid" food as well as soup) or he can eat earlier or if he is really lucky we might buy him something from a fast food place.

He'll have to be really lucky however.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Top Ender asked if I could arrange for her, BB and Daddy to have Roast Chicken this Sunday. Tops loves a good Roast, but like me a Sausage Roast isn't quite good enough at filling that craving of a perfect Roast.

Daddy will cook, Roast Potatoes, Petit Pois, Carrots, Yorkshire Puddings and Gravy.

I'll eat a Cambridge diet soup and try to look happy about it!

Meatless Monday - Ciabatta Pizzas

Despite loving the pizza dough that Daddy taught me to make (It's a Jamie Oliver recipe!) I really don't want to have a high carb meal tonight because it takes BB ages to have his blood sugars come back under control.

Anyway, with this meal BB and Tops will have the taste of Pizza but hopefully with a lot less carbs.

Tuesday - Turkey Meatballs

I'm making a zero carb meal for the purposes of testing BB's basal rate changes. As half expected BB had a low last Wednesday which meant we couldn't test properly. So we're going to try again tonight and I'm going to serve the Meatballs with a little Broccoli and Cauliflower.

Tops has Youth tonight, so we'll give her something a little more carb fill if she wants it. Normally however she doesn't.

Wednesday - Fish Fingers, Peas and Wedges

Our first fish dish of the week and I'm sticking with something tried and tested.

You would have thought our month of eating fish would give me the courage to do something more exciting, but as Daddy isn't eating with the Children (they eat earlier than him because of when he gets home from work) I'm not being exciting or daring.

Thursday - Beans on Toast with Fried Eggs

The Children are going to have either Eggy Bready or Bullseye Egg and then covered in beans. They both love these dishes and they are filling, cheap and most importantly quick.

Which we need because tonight is Beavers and Guides night. AKA The rush around night.

Friday - Baked Salmon and Rice

Everyone in our home loves Salmon, so I thought I'd team it with some veggie rice and bake the Salmon in the oven with some soy sauce or similar.

Daddy gets home slightly earlier on a Friday night, so the Children and he can eat together and as long as it isn't raining I'll head out for a walk whilst they eat.

And so that's what we are eating this week. How about you?