I Don't Drink, Or Swear,

I Don't Rat My Hair, I Get ill From One Cigarette!

I always feel a little bit like Sandra Dee when I tell people that I don't drink Alcohol and it comes up more often than you might think! You can see people looking me over, trying to work out if I'm a recovering Alcoholic, a Weirdo and if I can be trusted.

After all what sort of person doesn't drink alcohol?

And then a few minutes later I'm normally offered a cup of tea or coffee and I have to explain I don't drink those either. The shock on their faces is normally just a micro reaction, but it's there and I see it.

"What do you drink then?"

Well, honestly? A lot of Water, Fruit Teas, Hot Chocolate, Milk, Shloer, Squash and occasionally Dr Pepper which we all know is my absolute favourite!

"But what about to relax? What do you drink then? What do you drink when the Children have gone to bed?"

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Well, then it's all of the aforementioned in roughly the same order!

You see, as Mormons, we follow a piece of revelation Joseph Smith had, which he called (and we call) The Word Of Wisdom. The Word Of Wisdom (WOW), is now part of Mormon Scripture and we all try to follow it, adhere to it the best we can.

The WOW states that we should not drink Wine or Strong Drinks, which we take to mean Alcohol.

It states that we shouldn't drink Hot Drinks, which has been clarified to mean Tea and Coffee.

We shouldn't smoke or chew Tobacco.

We should eat Fruit and Vegetables.

We should eat Meat sparingly.

We should eat grains such as wheat, rice, and oats.

We are then told, that if we follow it we are promised a lot of benefits. We shall have good health, we shall have great wisdom, we shall not be weary.

Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I'm healthier than the average person.
It doesn't mean that members of the Church never get sick.
It doesn't mean that Mormons don't struggle with addiction.

My recent posts about my weight loss and adhesion to the Cambridge diet are proof that I'm an over weight more than likely food addicted idiot who didn't take her health seriously and you have obviously not met me at 6am on a Sunday morning when I'm very weary!

I know that some people won't ever fully understand, but that's fine. It's for me to understand and I guess, what it does mean is that members like me who follow the Word of Wisdom are able to show their devotion, their obedience, their willingness to deny themselves certain things for a greater good.

And it gave me an idea for a blog post!