What We Are Eating W/C 23rd April 2016

I'm trying to be super frugal this week and I'm mainly using items from my Freezer and Store Cupboard this week. I did think it would mean we would be having some "interesting" meals, but I didn't care!

Turns out that the Children and Daddy are having amazing meals this week and I'm quite jealous. I really should be doing meals this way more often, but I suppose I can't because I need to actually buy things to put in the Freezer and Cupboard so that I can do this more often... Is this a modern day Catch 22?

Inside a Cupboard in my Kitchen. I don't own anything in this cupboard now as this picture is YONKS old!

Saturday - Bombay Lamb Wraps

I was looking up recipes for various things and found a wonderful BBC recipe that I think that not only Daddy will love, but Top Ender and Big Boy too.

I'm quite upset that I won't be able to join in with this meal thinking on it. I might have to serve the meal with rice depending on how hungry the Children and Daddy are or Poppadoms and Mango Relish because Daddy and Tops didn't eat them last week with their Curry.

Sunday - Beef Roast

This is the one meal I will be buying something for. The Children and Daddy love their weekly Roast (so do I, but you know the whole Cambridge Diet thing) and so I'm going to buy them a joint of Beef so that they can all be happy with their tasty meal!

We have lots of frozen vegetables in the freezer so all I need to buy is the Potatoes (which we needed for last nights meal and Wednesdays too) and check if we need any GF flour for Daddy to make some Yorkshire Puddings.

Monday - One Pot Southern Rice

Basically, this is Rice, Tomatoes, random Vegetables and a load of herbs and some stock. Anyway it tastes lovely and the Children will like it because I'll serve it with the promise of a pudding!

I don't know why I've not had this on the meal plan before as I'm sure we've had it... maybe it's been an accompaniment to something rather than a main dish.

Well a main dish it is tonight.

Tuesday - Salmon and Cubed Potatoes

I'm out with my Mum today, as I'm out tomorrow, so I'm making a quick and simple meal this evening, with BB's help.

We're smothering the Salmon in Pesto and cubing the Potatoes before roasting in the oven and serving with some form of vegetable probably tomatoes and red onion which BB and I will roast with the potatoes.

Daddy is working from home today, so he'll be eating with the Children too.

Wednesday - Egg, Chips and Beans

BB and I have been out to Kew Gardens today. so Tops is making a meal of Egg, Chips and Beans tonight.

Tops is great at cooking, but I'm going to help her with the egg as I don't think she has fried an egg before and BB doesn't like a runny egg like she does!

Thursday - Gammon Pasta

I found some Gammon in the freezer, so I'm going to defrost it, grill it and then throw it in with some Pasta and some Chicken soup as a sauce.

Gammon Pasta with some Veg

Simple, cheap and quick!

Friday - Sausage and Mash

I was going to make a Toad in the Hole, but I didn't want to mess around with GF Yorkshire puddings so I decided to make Mash instead!

As I'm not eating, Daddy and the Children can have this with Beans because in my humble opinion Sausage and Mash should be served with Gravy and Peas not Beans!

So, that's what we're eating this week (shopping cost £60 but most of that was Cat Food and Washing Powder and other toiletry type items the rest was Sunday Roast stuff and fruit and lunches for the week!), what are you eating this week?