The Cambridge Weight Plan - Weeks Six and Seven

Okay, so I've already confessed to my Sister/Cambridge Weight Consultant that I strayed off plan so I guess it's time to confess to you guys too.

My name is Pippa and since Easter I've been really bad at following the Cambridge Weight Plan.

Like really bad.

Really, really bad.

The only good news that I can take from it is that I didn't put on any weight so at least I am making the right choices with regards to the food I eat and will be able to maintain my weight for the rest of my life.

I weigh 19 stone and I still have at eight stone, one pound to lose.

Well, on to this weeks topic of choice.

Since starting the Cambridge Diet, I've started drinking a tonne more Fruit Tea than normal. I read an article that said that drinking hot water, in the form of tea or coffee can help you when you are feeling hungry. The heat and the flavour (allegedly) help trick your mind and stomach into thinking that you've eaten or have eaten more than you actually have.

It does actually work.

Honestly it does, I mean when I drink the Cambridge Diet Shakes, I feel like I've had an entire meal, even though I've just had one drink. I mean yes, sometimes I make them into Milkshakes with a tonne of ice (and it makes them huge!) and sometimes I turn them into Hot Drinks and whip them to within an inch of their lives (which also makes them huge) but I expect them to make me feel full. I expect a diet drink to fill me up with nutrients and whatever else so that I don't go off plan because I feel hungry.

The thing is, I'm supposed to drink just three or four of these a day and I sometimes feel peckish more than three or four times a day.

So, I drink a tonne of water. It's good for the skin, it stops me getting confused over whether I'm hungry or thirsty and it gives me at least a thousand more steps a day because I'm running back and forwards to the toilet every hour!

Sometimes, I want more than a glass of boring water.

So this is where my Fruit and Herbal Teas come in.

A Small Selection of my Fruit Teas

Believe it or not, these are just a small selection of my teas!

I tend to drink a glass of water when I wake up, followed by a cup of tea when the Children have their breakfast and again at about 10:30am (between more glasses of water!) and then another just before I pick up Big Boy from School at 3pm.

These fruit teas are becoming my little me time moments and I think I might be a little addicted!