The Cambridge Weight Plan - Week Four and Five

I've got a little fed up of being a week behind, because I keep forgetting about what was hard during the week and what wasn't and what were the highlights and low points, So I'm trying to combine it all up. Plus I'm pretty sure I got a bit mixed up and last weeks weight was week fours weight... Look, all I know is that Week Four was a normal week.

I cleaned, I ate drank my shakes and generally was a bit moody because I didn't think I was losing any weight and I knew this because I kept weighing myself every morning before I got in the Shower. Oh and OFSTED had decided to visit the School I'm a governor at. OFSTED puts everyone in a bad mood.

Me after a month on the Cambridge Weight Plan

By the Easter Weekend I was ready for my "planned" time off. I just sort of started it a little early.

Like three days early.

Saying that, I didn't eat any Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns or have a Roast like the rest of the family. Instead I did have a tiny slither of cake at my friend's daughters Baptism (She makes awesome cake and it was seriously a slither) and I added a little chopped Chicken breast to my Soup on the Sunday to cheer myself up.

It kinda worked.

However, on Monday before we went away I weighed myself and had lost 2lbs.

I was now 18st 11lbs.

The start of Week Five saw me going to Ireland and with all that was going on, it was decided that I'd move up a couple of steps on the Cambridge Plan in order to be able to eat with the family. I was to eat healthily. I was to be good. I was to...

Heck, who am I kidding? I was having a week off and I was planning to eat a little more "normally", loose some weight and prove to myself that I'd be fine when I started eating "normal" food again.

You know what? I actually did brilliantly.

I ate very little during the day so that I could eat a bigger meal in the evening with the family.

I did a lot of walking, a lot of stair climbing (instead of taking the lift) and tried my hardest.

I We had a brilliant time whilst away and we ate some great food but we did it sort of healthily. Even my new jeans still fitted, well actually they were a little loose, it was like I'd lost weight. Just how I knew I would whilst I was away.

Me and my Lovely Husband on the Beach in Ireland

I was over the moon.

And then when I got home, I stood on the Scales, ready to see what I had lost.

Ready to celebrate my weight loss.

Ready to do my little celebration dance around the bathroom.

I'd put on weight.

I'd put on roughly half a stone.


And so I started back on step one of the Cambridge diet, keeping my fingers crossed that by the end of the week, by Monday morning I would have lost some of the weight that I'd managed to put on by accident.

Well, not by accident. By moving off of Step One before I was ready.

At least I know now however, that this is a much longer process than I thought. I still have a lot of weight to lose, a lot to learn and hopefully this will be the last time I put on weight.


And then I stood on the Scales again this morning. I was 19st. So Unless I lost just over half a stone in three days I don't think I did put half a stone on whilst I was away.

Well at the moment I don't care, I'm 19st, which is close enough to what I was before I went away for me to call a week off whilst I was on Holiday a win!

Just a quick mention before I leave you all in peace.

This past few days I have had the worst headache ever and all because I'm back on the Cambridge Diet with renewed vigour. To combat the headaches, I've been drinking water like it's going out of fashion and trying VERY hard not to be too grumpy.

Luckily it's worked as all the family are still talking to me!