What We Are Eating This Week W/C 30th April

At the start of every term, the School BB goes to send home a sheet which has his homework for the next six weeks on. It gets stuck into their homework book and that way everyone knows what is going on and we know that if there is something we need to plan on helping the children with, we can write it into our plans for the week.

Like, this week BB needs to make a meal using Rocket.

Thank goodness I knew before I wrote the meal plan for the week!

Saturday - Pizza

I like to make weekend meals that the whole family (well apart from me) can eat and sit together and just relax and be together. I thought that Chicken and Chips would be good because it is one of the meals that we don't have all that often, but it lost out to Pizza because who doesn't love Pizza?

Plus apart from the Sunday Roast, the rest of my family aren't eating much meat this week!

Sunday - Roast

Yup, another Sunday, another Roast. The family had Beef last week as a treat, so I thought that they might like to have Cheesy Pork chops this week before going back to Chicken or Sausages next week.

Monday - It's my BIRTHDAY!

I'm not sure what we're going to be eating, because I am coming off my diet for one whole day as I had an idea that we could go to Five Guys for Burgers and Shakes, but I'm not sure that is what I want to do now and we might have a picnic at home or maybe I'll just eat Birthday Cake all day, or Chocolate Cake, or just my current weight in milk Chocolate.


Probably not though. Probably we'll just have Pasta with Peas in a Cheesy Sauce because I do love Pasta!

Tuesday - Quiche and Salad

BB has today off School and so we're going to make a Quiche together for his homework. I gave a list of several meals that BB loves that I've added Rocket to in the past or that we could add Rocket too and BB said that he really wanted to make a Quiche!

So, that's what we're making and having tonight. I'm not sure what else he wants in the Quiche, but as he's in charge we'll see what happens when we go shopping for ingredients!

Wednesday - Fruit and Cake

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why would Pippa put down Fruit and Cake as an evening meal? Cake isn't an evening meal.

Cake is Cake.

Well, the thing is every so often we like to have a bit of fun and tonight we're having a tea of Cake and Fruit (and possibly Toast or Crumpets or Muffins or something along those lines) so that the Children can have a bit of fun.

Chocolate Cake. Oh how I love Chocolate Cake.

Plus, when you get given Cake for your evening meal can you imagine how much you'd love the person in charge of the meal plan? Can you imagine what you would do for the person in charge of the meal plan?

Yup, that's right. I'm not above bribery.

Thursday - Toasted Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Dip

I was thinking this week about having Toasted Cheese Sandwiches and that made me think of how Daddy introduced me to having Toasted Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup and so I thought that what would be great would be some kind of Tomato Soup Dip... so that's what I'm making!

Friday - Fish Pie

I know that Daddy isn't that keen on Fish Pie, but the Children are and I love making them, so I'm making one! Plus it's really useful to get some oily fish into the Children, other than giving it to them via their lunch box as I do each week.

So that's the meal plan for this week. What are you having?