All Meals W/C 26th October 2019

It's half term! Whoop whoop! I'm very excited because there is a lot to celebrate, there is a lot to rest from and there is a lot to use this half term as a base to launch new plans from.... yup we have new plans for the family, for our home and for our education and work lives! Of course, on top of all of this, we are also going to be eating our favourite foods, spending plenty of time together and enjoying some free time.

It's going to be so busy, but so great.

Dan Jon, Top Ender and Pippa D ready for some FUN!

The only thing not listed this week is breakfast. This is partly because I'm not cooking breakfast this week, but also because I'm letting the children get up when they want to on most days so they'll sort themselves out from a selection of Cereal, Toast, Pastries and other things like Fruit or Cereal Bars.

Saturday - Sandwiches and Pizza

So today, I'm off out with the Youth of my Ward and Stake and I'm taking a packed lunch and having Pizza in the evening with them, which kinda works out well because Top Ender and Dan Jon who are staying home with Flyfour are also having Sandwiches for lunch and a Pizza for their evening meal!

I'll get home around 10pm, but that's fine because I'll enjoy the day and the company and yes I'll miss my family, but I'll be spending the rest of the week with them so all will be well.

Sunday - Sticky Sausages with Mash Potato and Cheese and Crackers

It's a family favourite for a reason! It is such a lovely meal with the sticky sausages and apples being such a great flavour combination that the sweetness with the savoury is just... YUM!

The great news is that because we eat that at lunch, we get to eat "snacks" for our supper. This Sunday I'm planning on eating Cheese and Crackers with the family, although I think that Top Ender and Dan Jon might change theirs slightly and have a Cheese Toastie!

Monday - Quiche and Beans on Toast

There is, in my opinion, nothing better than a bit of Quiche with some Salad and if you're super lucky some potatoes (I'm going to be super lucky!) and even better if you get to share it with some rather lovely family!

We'll have Beans on Toast for our evening meal because Dan Jon is cooking and so we want something a little simple and easy to make and also super tasty!

Tuesday - Omelette and Noodles

We thought that we'd have a carb-free lunch to check Dan Jon's basal rates, so we're having Omelettes which are not Dan Jon's favourites but are also the most filling of Carb free meals in my opinion!

The children love Noodles, so we're having them again tonight. I may make them Ponyo noodles, but also may just make plain noodles because I may be feeling super lazy come Tuesday evening!

Wednesday - Bacon and Cheese Wraps and Chicken and Salad

I figured that seeing as we did Carb free yesterday lunch we should have something very carb based today! So bacon and cheese wrapped in pastry, probably served with beans is the lunch of choice today.

We're having chicken and salad for our evening meal because it is carb-free and I'm wanting to test Dan Jon's basal rates overnight, especially because tomorrow is all about the sweet treats!

Thursday - HALLOWEEN!

For lunch today we'll have Fish Finger Sandwiches, and I'll get the children to help me make some good Gluten Free ones, so we can make sure Flyfour gets to join in with us.

It'll be soup for our evening meal, as it's our annual Halloween Trunk or Treat (Message me if you are in Milton Keynes and want to know when and where to join us!) and I just need to know what soup to make this year! I'm thinking Broccoli and Stilton, what do you think?


So, there will be a post next week about this Friday, but there is a November food challenge coming up! It started as a bit of a joke (I think all my best food challenges do) but the whole family think it is a great idea and we can't wait to get stuck in!