What We Are Eating W/C 5th October 2019

Another week over, by this rate it'll be Christmas before we know it and thinking on it I'm actually really excited by that thought! We were teasing the Principal at work this last week, about how I'm going to be celebrating Christmas from December 1st as he believes it should be celebrated between December 24th and 26th... Maybe I'll start this week!

PippaD and Top Ender in Christmas jumpers

Right, what are we eating this week?

Saturday - Chinese Take Away

Flyfour decided we should have Chinese on Saturday night, which is fine by me! Hopefully, there will be lots of leftovers, ready for me to take to work on Monday.

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie

Flyfour also decided that we should have a Shepherd's Pie Sunday night, which again is fine by me. He's hopefully going to make two because I want to put one in the freezer for another night as they are so lush.

Monday - Omelette - Carb Free

I've no idea what Flyfour will eat, but the rest of us are Omelette eaters tonight. I'm just glad that I can see Dan Jon's sugars without having to wake up every two hours thanks to his FGM!

Tuesday - Pizza Baguettes

YUM! I have mushrooms for mine, so I'm happy.

Wednesday - Fish Cakes and Chips

I have to admit this was originally going to be Ponyo Noodles, but then I remembered that Flyfour is at home today, so I thought something a bit more gluten-free friendly would be best and we hadn't had any Fish this week, so Fish Cakes and Chips it is.

Thursday - Layered Pasta Salad

Dan Jon is making this at School today. I did think about having it for lunch tomorrow, but I know he'll be eager for everyone to have it this evening. I'm going to pair it up with some chicken wings or thighs or similar and of course, we'll get some gluten-free pasta salad made up for Flyfour.

Friday - Tacos and Fajitas

I really fancy Tacos and Fajitas, so that's what we're having tonight!

So that's what we are going to eat this week. What are you having?