The Primary Presentation

It was the Primary Presentation in our ward today, which apart from meaning I got to sit next to my husband for an hour and together we got to watch our son sitting on the stand and giving his talk, also means that I got to listen to some of my favourite people in the ward give their two cents about whatever subject they had been given to talk about.

It was a little emotional for me because this was the last time I will have an actual child of mine in the presentation, there are still several young people in the ward who feel like they are my children because I have known them all of their lives and I love them unconditionally, but this was sort of the last official primary thing at Church that Dan Jon will do before he is a member of the youth programme and means that he is growing up and growing up fast!

Dan Jon handsome as ever

Dan Jon was the second person to talk in the presentation and his subject was "I enjoy studying the scriptures with my family" and he shared how as a family we study our scriptures, how he reads his Book of Mormon each day and how it brings us closer together. He had written his talk sitting on my bed one Monday evening after a Family Home Evening lesson, the only help he had from me, was putting his thoughts into a coherent order.

The best part of the whole presentation for Flyfour and I was watching Dan Jon after he had given his talk. Sitting on the stand on the front bench he was perfectly visible to Flyfour, Top Ender and I, (as well as most of the congregation) and as he stood with the rest of the Primary to sing a song we noticed he was trying very hard to stifle a yawn. It didn't work, and soon a massive yawn was given.

Flyfour, Dan Jon and I soon had the giggles as every time Dan Jon sang he was struck with a fit of yawning and our attempt to sign to him to cover his mouth just led to him trying to politely cough a yawn away (it didn't work!). It was a perfect way for Flyfour and I to remember Dan Jon in his last primary presentation and I have a feeling that we'll never forget him trying to stifle a yawn whilst trying to sing.