I'm A Genius!

There are many things that I can do whilst doing something else. Use my phone and pee, tell the children to clean up whilst hiding a cookie that I'm eating, watch TV and knit (although I can't follow a pattern at the same time), make dinner and load the dishwasher, answer the phone at work whilst also spinning on my spinny chair... you know normal things.

Then there are other normal things, at least I think they are normal.

PippaD when I thought I was looking cute!

This last week at work, I was talking with a parent who had an appointment to visit a teacher. Whilst we were chatting, I opened up the programme we use which allocates our identity badges, typed in the name of the parent, who they were there to see and hit apply. I did all this without breaking eye contact with the parent or stopping talking to them and the baby they were holding. The parent suddenly noticed what I was doing.

"Are you typing without looking?!" she asked

I admitted that I was and listened as the parent exclaimed how clever I was to be able to do this and asked a few questions. Could I do it with my eyes closed? Could I do it whilst listening to music or watching TV? Could I do it whilst on the phone?

I said that I could, that I could even do it whilst having a conversation, or whilst telling my own children off. To me, it's no big deal. To me touch typing is something that I've been doing since, I don't know, 10? 12? It's a skill I've picked up, which I don't think I really realised was a skill.

It got me thinking a bit more, could I write a blog post without looking?

So I wrote this blog post with my eyes closed, well actually with an eye mask on as I couldn't trust myself to cheat! Yup, all of what I've just written was written without looking, even the formatting. The only thing I did use my eyes to do was the photo... I'm not that clever!

However, now I'm sure I'm a genius, so I guess I better get busy being a genius!