My Type 1 Superhero

It is World Diabetes Day today, so I thought I'd speak a little bit about my Type 1 Superhero because as we all know Dan Jon is a superhero of epic proportions!

Dan Jon is seriously the most wonderful child I know. I mean really, he is. Dan Jon comes to see me every day after school and gives me a kiss goodbye (he initiates it!) no matter who is in the reception (there are normally a few students waiting for their parents). He sends me little text messages saying "Hi" or asking what I'm up to, or if I'm okay and cute little gifs.

PippaD and Dan Jon Jr

He is so laid back. Seriously sometimes I wish he was a little bit more proactive, especially when I need to remind him twenty million times to do his homework or his chores, but it's great because it means he is relaxed and nothing fazes him and so everything is always okay for him!

Since moving up to senior school, he has had to take a little more responsibility for his Diabetes. No longer do his teachers remind him to do blood tests before PE, or at break or at regular intervals, or if he has been a bit quieter, or a bit louder than normal. Now it's kinda always up to him. Sure, he goes to see the medical advisor each lunchtime so that she can see he is okay and make a note of his numbers and the best part of this is that I get to see him as he walks past a window that looks onto my desk... although I try very hard not to wave and ruin his street-cred.

Dan Jon has to live with this for the rest of his life (or at least until someone is supersmart and invents something which means his pancreas regenerates or he gets a transplant or something), it's something that he will always have to be prepared for, that he'll always have to think about and yet he doesn't let this bother him because it is a part of him.

Dan Jon is my Type 1 Superhero.