Yes, Another Post About How Great My Child Is.

Sorry, but also I'm not sorry that this post is going to come across as a little braggy, but then again if you had a child a fab as Dan Jon, (and that's not just me saying that), then I'm sure you'd want to brag a little (well a lot) too.

We had a combined parents evening/meet your child's tutor last week for Dan Jon. It was something that they do for all year seven children and parents, towards the end of the first half term to see how the new year sevens are settling in and to help them focus a little more on things that are important.

It was great to meet with Dan Jon's tutor, I mean Flyfour knew him from when he was a student at the school, I knew him from when I was a governor at the school and of course from my current job working at the school, but this was different.

This was Flyfour and I meeting him as parents.

Dan Jon and Pippa D

We sat in Dan Jon's form room with Dan Jon and his tutor and talked about Dan Jon's work over this last half term, about how he has settled in, what his teachers have said about him, about if he has made friends and how he is finding the work he is being set.

Having spoken to Dan Jon's teachers and having looked at Dan Jon's work. Dan Jon's form tutor was a little concerned that Dan Jon wasn't being set work that was at the right level for him, especially in Maths. He asked Dan Jon a few times if the work was hard enough for him, and encouraged Dan Jon to ask for harder work, or for work that expanded upon what the rest of the class were doing if he was finishing too quickly.

The best part of the evening for me, was when Dan Jon was asked by his tutor, what it was that he thought he should try to focus on in the next half term. Dan Jon thought about it for a moment or two and said he felt that his handwriting was an important focus and thought for a moment or two more before saying that he also thought that there wasn't anything big that he had to improve on.

He expanded that it wasn't like he had to work harder or smarter in class, and the comments that his teachers had left in his books showed this to be true too, but that he knew there were small things that he could work on to make things better. His tutor loved this and started asking if Dan Jon knew what marginal gains were and how smart the answer he had just given was and how this was just the kind of improvement he knew that would help Dan Jon make the most of his time at senior school.

It was such a great meeting and I can't wait to see the differences that the marginal gains Dan Jon is going to make will make to him and his education.