Meal Plans W/C 12th October 2019

I'm running out of food ideas again and asking the family is useless! They just say things like "I don't know" or "whatever you pick is fine!" and that means that I get to pick all the food that I want to eat, even if it means that the rest of the family don't particularly like what it is that I've picked! Still, I'm happy and as I keep telling the children and Flyfour, if Mum is happy then they'll be happy!

PippaD being happy!

Saturday - Something Out

We're off to see Calendar Girls at the Theatre tonight. Ever since we heard the opening tune (performed by Gary Barlow but we have since fallen in love with the cast recording) we have been eager to see the musical and so we're off to see it tonight!

We'll eat something near the Theatre, well at least that's the plan!

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie

I was going to be a bit mean today and get Flyfour to make Fish and Chips for us, however when he made the Shepherd's Pie the other week, he made two because he is so fab and so we'll have that today, along with lots of buttered bread to mop up the gravy and if Flyfour is super duper then maybe even an Apple Crumble for after!

Monday - Microwave Risotto

We, and by we I mean me, love Microwave Risotto. We've not had it in ages, so I've decided we'll have it tonight because it's Veggie and great to have when you're pushed for time... like I will be mainly because when I get in tonight I'm just going to get in my PJ's whilst the risotto is cooking, eat and then go to bed super early!

Tuesday - Hot Dogs

We've got Hot Dogs tonight before Tops and I are off to the Theatre again! I'm going to mix it up a little by stuffing the hot dogs with cheese, then wrapping the hot dogs in bacon before serving in Brioche buns which are Dan Jon and Top Ender's favourite... and okay mine too!

Wednesday - Garlicky Cheesy Pasta

I'll cook up some spaghetti and mix in some softened onion, some garlic and of course some cheese. The children will be happy because there is spaghetti and I'll be happy because it's one of my favourite dishes, all the Brownies that are going to be spending time with me, might not be happy because I'll probably have garlic breath!

Thursday - Dan Jon's Choice

Flyfour and I are off to school to meet with Dan Jon's form tutor this evening, hopefully, it is all good news, so we're going to have a little celebration afterwards of something Dan Jon decides. My bet is it'll be Poutine.

Friday - Salmon and Noodles

I should be going to the Doctors this evening, so I'm hoping that when I get home, the family will be up for a quick meal, especially as Top Ender and I are supposed to be out tomorrow (the Saturday!). Plus I really like Salmon and I'm expecting some news about my iron levels, so hopefully, the Salmon will keep me positive.

Salmon And Salad

So that's what we are eating this week,